Dani Trading A/S is a supplier of electrical, transmissions and hydraulic components/products for machines with focus on quality, service, development, consultancy through close work with the customer, our motto is: short delivery time to the right price.

Our vision is to be the preferred supplier for industrial machine production and machine dealers throughout Denmark and Europe with daily service and delivery.

Dani Trading A/S was established in 1999 of Erling Rytter Larsen and Helle Rytter in cooperation with AMA S.p.A. Italy and today the managing director is Helle Rytter.
Dani Trading has a stock of more than 2000 square meters and office facilities situated in Kolding, Denmark, together with access to the complete program and stock of AMA Group with more than 100.000 items, a large program of products for industrial and farming machines is available.

Short time after establishing the Company in 1999 –Christen Larsen was employed as a sale man and technician. Today Christen is Sales manager for our sales team.
Dani Trading A/S is today employing 10 dedicated people in Kolding and is also running their own sales company in Lithuania.

To ensure our customer the best service and delivery time we are every week several times supplied with goods from the AMA Group stock which is placed in north Italy and from factories of AMA;, IMEL, AMA Spa Division Cylinder, Lo Snodo, AMA Pertex, SEAT S.r.L, Seat plastic and many more.

Today Dani Trading A/S has a program of components for industrial and farming machines for delivery from our stock in Kolding which grow every day, as our partner AMA S.p.A expands their product range, here I can mention the purchase of two more factories; one is producing Bus Seats and another one spare parts for agricultural machinery. With the development and to ensure our customers fast and effective service we have developed Dani Trading’s new homepage with a customer friendly E-shop in order to lighten ordering and to make sure that we will continue the best possible service.

Best regards

Helle Rytter

Dani Trading A/S